We are creatives who love to simplify spaces. Since 2013 we have been helping families organize their homes. This is when we found our passion for helping people fall in love with their spaces again. It is incredibly rewarding to see how these transformations can change and simplify daily life. We want you to be able to be more present in your life and be able to spend it with the people you love, instead of worrying about that closet looming in the background.

We will always listen to your needs and will work to create a system designed to fit your lifestyle. We are happy to come back for a simple refresh if needed.

About Neat




We are a dynamic duo! After attending the Savannah College of Art and Design where Jordyn studied Visual Effects and Gabby studied Interior Design, we both
moved to New York. 

Jordyn loves order and organization and has a very typical Type-A personality. You will most likely always find her planning something. She’s an enneagram 6, would spend every day swimming, and thinks theres nothing better than a good
 cup of coffee.

Gabby has always had a love for buildings and interior spaces. She's one of those people who actually enjoy putting together IKEA furniture. Gabby has the gift to be able to look at a space and instantly see its potential. She’s an enneagram 2, is a "mostly" laid back Type-B, and would have 18364 dogs if she could. 

We are total adventurers, so when we aren't organizing, we are usually hiking
nearby trails, chasing waterfalls, or traveling somewhere awesome! 


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