Everyone has a unique style and need for their space, and no clients needs are the same. We have created a starting guide to our fees, but will provide exact pricing to fit your needs during your complimentary consultation. 

every space is as unique as you Are 

our fees

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it all started with my camera.

about us

Starting at 1500

We'll go ahead and say it....
We can help you unpack and get settled in as quickly as possible, while still giving you the
 organization you crave. 


Starting at 850

Need more than just a few hours? Our packages can be tailored
to fit your needs, whether
 that's focusing on one room 
or your whole home.

Full day


Do you need a small closet reimagined? A simple refresh?
We understand that life gets
 busy and sometimes all you need
is a a few hours to
 revamp a space. 


Ready to get


We believe that investing in creating functional, simplified spaces is an investment in getting your time back. We will work with you to design a beautiful space that fits your lifestyle and needs. It will totally be one you will want to show off! -
Can you say  #pantrygoals ?

All of our services come with: 
a minimum of two organizers
a complimentary consultation
shopping for supplies
donating & discarding unwanted items
design & planning
arranging appointments with other service providers
communication with you after your session 

Let's work together